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All supplies are included.

Agaric is an adorable 34cm articulated rabbit. He will be very nice with your pretty dolls and loves the company of Bears!

Unique model, made from natural materials that will be very pleasant to sew. This kit is to be made by sewing (hand or machine). It is aimed at people who already know how to sew but it will not be necessary to have a high level of sewing, the instructions are very detailed and accompanied by many photos.

In the Agaric Kit, you will find:

- Mohair (angora goat hair woven on a cotton weft)

- cashmere (used for the ears)

- Skin jersey (soft oeko-tex cotton fiber) - Upholstery wool (natural wool washed and processed without chemicals)

- Tubular jersey (stretch cotton)

- Glass eyes and strong wire to fix them

- Embroidery floss (pearl cotton) for the nose

- Agaric's Hinged Frame

- Fabric for making his clothes

- The fabric scarf

- Thin elastic for finishing garments

- Full size pattern (for Agaric and for clothes)

- A pdf file will be sent to you (to your email address) with all the explanations (more than 30 pages and 100 photos)

To make CoCo, you will need some tools:

- Classic sewing thread to match mohair and jersey

- Your sewing kit (needles, scissors, pins, ruler)

- A large fine needle (10cm minimum)

- A tool that will be used for stuffing (wooden spoon handle for example)

- An awl (or large pointed needle)

- A fine marker and a pencil

- A brush (small iron brush, hairbrush, etc.)

You will have a lot of fun seeing Agaric "born". His jersey body will allow him to be nicely dressed and thanks to his frame he will be able to take many positions.

Agaric will quickly become the star of your world of sweetness!





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